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is one tourism destination in Banten, West Java island, Anyer located 160 km from Jakarta by drive it takes around two hour thru Merak-Anyer highway. a long side of Ayer road beach to Carita are found so many cottages and hotel from budget (jasmine hotel) to five star hotels, Anyer Beach is one populer tourism destination in Banten.

Anyer Beach

Anyer beach city in Banten province. The location at Anyer, around 38 km from Serang City. Along the Anyer road (Jl Karang Bolong) is the beach, the beach is facing the West, and we able to see the view of Mount Rakata (child of Mt. Krakatau that exploded in 1833) and the sunset. A beautiful sea sight with all activities such as Jet Ski, Speed Boat and other aquatic sport, those types of activities can be found here, as well as sunset view from the beach and an old lighthouse at Cikoneng. A lot of hotels from jasmine to international 5 stars can be tourist best choices to stay such as Mambruk Hotel, Nuansa Bali Hotel, Jayakarta Hotel, Patra jasa Hotel, Sol Elite Marbella the only one five stars hotel at Anyer (please see our hotel). Anyer is a popular beach resort for Banten province.

Anyer beach has many unique enchantments. Its white sands amaze many local tourists. They are so pure; The deep blue sea attracts many divers around the world because its various sea lives are so completely perfect. The sea breeze can make visitors’ mind fresh, out of stress and enjoy. And the last enchantments that can make Anyer beach as the most favorite place to visit is the view of the legendary Krakatau Mountain, Badui tribes and its historical lighthouse.

Carita Banten

The located is around 40 minutes car drive along beaches side from Anyer beach, along road to Carita you can see the paddys field, traditional market, fishermen village, cottages, local restourant, and vendors to sell fruit, shrimp and fish. The hotel in Carita from Jasmine to Three star hotel such as; Mutiara Carita Cottage, Wira Carita etc, Mostly the beach at Carita is coral

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