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Tanah Lot Temple

situated at southwest Bali, Tabanan regency, built on a large rock, cut off from the Bali mainland at high tide, this is one of Bali’s most spectacular sunset sights. Tanah lot is simply designed, but dramatically located temple on the coast. Tanah Lot temple is like Uluwatu, in the temple we have a use sarong and dress accordingly. it is said the temple is guarded by poisonous snakes.

Sanur Beach,

Sanur beach is center of wind surfing, parasailing and other water sports in Bali. Visitors go to Sanur beach for its calm and quite lagoon area.

Nusa Dua Bali

Is another Bali beach resort that shows swaying coconut trees and clear blue sea, some of the famous resort hotel can be found here. Near Nusa Dua Bali you can found Tanjung Benoa. this beach also beautiful and kind for water sport can be enjoyed here

Pura Besakih

Situated at Karang Asem regency in northeast Bali. This is most important temple in Bali with great view on Mt.Agung. The Temple complex houses over 80 Shrines to various gods and spirits. Pura Besakih is mother temple in Bali.

Goa Gajah,(Elephant Cave)

Situated near Teges, Gianjar regency,Bali. Dated from the 11th century, there are conflicting opinions in Bali as to whether this cave was originally a Buddhist or Hindu Heritage. although not very large. it boast some interesting carvings.

Tampak Siring Temple

use to be the center for the Hindu religion in Bali and has within its borders two of the most sacred temples and relics on the island, and Gunung Kawi, this are is a part of Gianyar Bali district and located 40 km from Denpasar, capital of Bali and 14 km northeast of Ubud along a road leading all the way to the Batur Mountain. Gunung Kawi is 2 km south of the city center, while Tirta Empul is 1 km north. in Tampak siring you can buy carved items made by ivory, coconut, shells and bone. these souvenir are sold on places like the parking lot outside Tirta Empul.


is perched on the rim of a vast crater, overlooked the lake crater and its bubbling hot springs. Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali. it provides water for underground network of streams and springs across the southern slopes of the mountain. The evening can get cool but an overnight stay is well worth it. to climb the mountain and watch the sunrise or just to take midnight dip in one of the springs.

Bedugul Bali

is a highland retreat, tucked into the crater of an extict volcano, 1400 meters above sea level. the three lakes of the area provide water for the field. river and spring on the plains below. lush pine forest made the air clean and fresh. the area is renowned for its fruit and vegetables in Bali.

Mount Batur

is one of 129 historically active volcanoes in Indonesia and certainly among the most spectacular. Batur occurs as a wide caldera or volcanic depression, in the north of Indonesia’s famous island of Bali. if you need different experience you could cross the lake Batur by boat to Bali Aga Village called Trunyan. Trunyan people leave the dead bodies to decompose naturally

Singaraja, Bali

Was main Bali’ port during the Dutch occupation. But now the traffic has moved south Bali, leaving the area in peace clean, quite and culturally distinctive, Singaraja retains a colonial feel to its streetscape. west of Singaraja on Bali’s northern coast is a beach resort spread across four adjacent villages. in special cemetery.This is an intersting culture in Bali

Lovina Beach (North Bali)

is for those who are not fussy about the collor of the beach, you may even encounter some local dolphins. Many cheap losmen are situated right on the beach. From here you can also visit the GitGit Waterfall. Bali highest waterfall

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