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Bandung Places Of Attactions

Around Dago area there is an interesting place to be visited, named Taman Hutan Raya Ir H Juanda or usually called Hutan Dago (Dago forest). It contains range of plants and in this forest visitor are welcome to enter Gua Jepang (Japanese Cave) that has the distance of 800 meters from the entrance.

Beside this cave, there’s also Gua Belanda (Dutch Cave). These caves are quite safe to visit and as previous Japanese and Dutch quarters they still keep historical objects from the First and Second World War. On the end of Gua Belanda. you still can see track / trail that goes along on the side of Cikapundung River up to Maribaya region.

After enjoying the beatiful scenery in Hutan Dago, visitor can also continoue the journey by walking to the water fall nearby called Curug Dago. And still within this region of Hutan Dago, after an exhausting trip you can take a rest at Dago Tea House that usually hosts numbers of Bandung’s cultural festivals.

Located on Jl Kolonel Masturi, Cisarua on the way to Cimahi you will find another tourist attraction called Little Farmer. This is a good place for family where all members of family can watch directly and even get involved to be a farmer. Some activities include feeding cows and another pets, milking cow, spreading vegetable seeds and also harvesting vegetable that can be done together with the whole family members and assisted by a guide. After that you can enjoy fresh pure milk and finally having lunch with are served in cottage right in the middle of the farm.

Bandung Shopping

Bandung is also known as shopper’s paradise in Indonesia. There is a lot of Factory Outlet (FO) that offer both local as well as imported clothes. You can find them with no trouble because they are spread out around the city. Jl. Ir Juanda (also known as Dago), Jl. Martadinat (around Jl. Riau) and Jl Setiabudi are places for popular FO

There are also particular shops known as Distro (Distribution Store). They offer home industry products with limited amout and the result those products become exlusive item. Each Distro usually offer only specific product, for instance shop selling only surfing equipment, skateboards, Motor Gede (Big Bike), environmentalist, Devil icon lover’s and so on. Furthermore for alternatives, there are shopping malls like Pasar Baru, Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Super Mall or World Trade Center Bandung.

Cibaduyut is one of the oldest location for leather industry. There are shops that sell leather products directly to the consumer such as shoes, jacket, belts or wallet. Other area that is also famous for shopping is Jl Cihampelas. This region is famous for clothes especially those that made of jeans material. For those who look for outdoor equipments can go to Pasar Jatayu which is situated on Jl Arjuna (close to station Ciroyom). It can bean alternative place for shopping.

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