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Pulau Sepa

Pulau Sepa The Paradise For Diver

Every once in a while, you probably feet the need to break away from the ordinary, to do the unusual, to touch the nature.Pulau Sepa has it all, ….. “Nature” …..and has long been admired for white sandy beaches, crystal clear water surrounding and teeming with marine life.

Pulau Sepa has outstanding white sandy beaches for sunning, turquoise water surround for swimming and snorkeling.The crystal clear water, corals reef formation and teeming with interesting marine life make Pulau Sepa and surrounding popularly known as THE PARADISE FOR DIVER.Inexpensive boat dives from Pulau Sepa to the dive spot is avalable.

All Snorkeling and Dive equipment rental are avalable at SEPA DIVE SHOP. Pulau Sepa is one of the most beautiful island at Pulau Seribu Jakarta. Furnished with ample holiday comforts such as accomodation, restaurant and other sport facilities it is an lineal place for a change from routinism of your life.

For underwater world lovers, it’s a ………..PARADISE.


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